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Project 78 offers a range of stretching services including Artists Canvas and stretching Prints on Canvas. Canvas can be made to almost any size, we use canvas with different weights and finishes as well as different depths of stretchers.

The wood we use is  specially made for  from winter-cut, finger jointed and laminated Baltic pine. This gives an advantage of removing all knots and making the timber very strong and very straight.

All Stretcher Bars are carefully machined to a radius of 2.25mm on the top outside edge. Through testing we have found that this gives the optimum combination of crisp edge without cracking the paint or ink on the canvas.

Please Contact us for a quote or any further information.

If you have a canvas you have bought that needs to be applied to a stretcher or an old one that needs to be re-stretched then we can transform as a  'stand alone' canvas or with a frame around it to really set it off.

We also offer raw canvas of different qualities stretched for the artist at any size.

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